Let's Remove the Stigma

The First Responder Resilience Project (FRRP) addresses the pervasive issue of stigma associated with mental illness that often prevents our nation’s first responders from accessing potentially life-saving treatments. 

Our Mission

Normalizing a new culture for mental wellness in the first responder community by building resilient mindsets at work, home, and into retirement through trusted and proven educational resources.  

Our Project

The First Responder Resilience Project includes a peer-produced documentary and a customizable, educational program developed by first responders and reviewed by clinical experts specializing in first responder wellbeing. 

Our platform provides in-person seminars, online training modules, and a resource platform designed to arm first responders with the needed tools to understand, maintain, heal, and further build on their mental health. 

Working to reduce the stigma, we introduce the conversation of mental health and wellness within the first responder community while providing accessible resources and self-help tools to combat past, current, and future traumas.

First Responders Sound the Alarm Documentary

Through vivid storytelling, The Quell Foundation is creating a documentary that provides insight into the lives and the experiences of the first responder community, their families, and the lives they touch through their day-to-day activities. 

Training Program

Delivered by first responders for first responders, our online training program is tailored to address the unique personal needs of those on the frontline. Covering an array of topics, from retirement to trauma and resilience, our sessions cater to the diverse challenges faced by first responders. Curious? Visit our Training Program page for more details.