About Us

Our mission is to normalize a new culture for mental wellness in the first responder community by building resilient mindsets at work, home, and into retirement through trusted and proven educational resources.


– Chris Fields

First Responders Sound the Alarm

What We Do

The First Responder Resilience Project (FRRP) addresses the pervasive issue of stigma associated with mental illness that often prevents our nation’s first responders from accessing potentially life-saving treatments. This multifaceted project introduces the importance of mental health advocacy and wellness while providing relevant and accessible resources.

The FRRP consists of a comprehensive mental health training program developed by first responders and peer-reviewed by clinical experts. The program includes in-department seminars, individual workbooks, and interactive training modules hosted through the FRRP website.

The First Responder Resilience Project is working towards reducing the mental health stigma in the first responder community while providing accessible resources and self-help tools to combat past, current, and future traumas.

The Quell Foundation strives to reduce the number of suicides, overdoses and the incarceration of people living with a mental health illness

The Quell Foundation is promoting open, judgment-free dialogue to normalize the conversation around mental health. The Foundation awards scholarships for a brighter future in the mental health field, increases access to services for better care and treatment, and encourages the sharing of personal stories to inspire hope!

First Responders Sound the Alarm

Through vivid storytelling, The Quell Foundation’s documentary, First Responders Sound The Alarm, provides insight into the lives of the first responder community, their families, and the lives they touch through their day-to-day work.