Volunteering with The Quell Foundation provides a variety of opportunities to channel your passion for mental health awareness and education. We rely on volunteers to help expand our mission’s footprint and support our day to day operations, enabling The Foundation to continue its life-changing work.

Become a Volunteer

Help us remove the stigma around metal health illness. See the full list of available volunteer opportunities. Sign up to receive email updates and information about new volunteer opportunities from The Quell Foundation.

Your Support Matters

Empowering first responders through specialized training programs is an investment in a future where mental health challenges are met with resilience and understanding. Your support of The Quell Foundation enables us to develop initiatives like the First Responder Resilience Project, creating impactful experiences that contribute to the well-being of those on the front lines.

Together, we are working towards a future where the mental health of our dedicated first responders is a priority, fostering a culture of resilience and support within their crucial roles.

Join the Movement


Sharing your personal story can provide solace to you and offer hope for others. Join the ongoing conversation with others affected by submitting your story.


Normalize the conversation around mental illness by promoting our documentary to potential host sites, joining the “I Am” campaign, and by helping us collect more Lift the Mask stories.


Help ensure our future and encourage philanthropy. Organize workplace fundraising, launch a social media campaign, or help secure auction items and sponsorships for the annual Masquerade Ball.


Help us push The Quell Foundation’s communications through your channels, recruit new followers and subscribers, or blog for our website.


Identify or directly provide career mentoring, job shadowing, internships, and job opportunities to our brilliant students and recent graduates.


From the Falmouth Road Race in the summer to the Masquerade Ball in the fall and every scheduled documentary screening in between, hands-on support in managing the day-of logistics is always needed.