FRRP sponsorships play a crucial role in fostering resilience within the first responder community.

Building Resilience

These partnerships provide essential support for the First Responder Resilience Project’s specialized training programs, ensuring that frontline heroes receive the necessary tools to navigate the unique challenges they face. Through sponsorships, individuals and organizations contribute to building a more resilient and mentally fit first responder community, promoting well-being and equipping those on the front lines with the skills to thrive in their demanding roles.

Corporate Sponsors

The Quell Foundation offers a wide range of opportunities for partnership and critical support for our key programs, including events and documentary screenings. These opportunities are investments that directly support the mission, offer extensive visibility and provide a premium affiliation to these core programs. Corporate Partners at every level receive a robust benefits package that includes valuable visibility, VIP access, and a curated benefit.

Get Involved

Becoming a corporate sponsor of The Quell Foundation is a powerful way to promote your brand and directly engage with the organization’s mission. Our corporate partners span the country and we are proud to acknowledge their unwavering commitment to removing the stigma of mental illness.

If you are interested in learning more about the different ways that Corporations partner with The Quell Foundation, please contact Maya Kaufman.

Our Sponsors